things i learned from my parents

today my parents are celebrating 25 years of marriage.
in our day, i'd say this is a pretty big freaking deal!
i love them so much, and i'm so blessed. i didn't even realize how blessed i was until high school, when i heard people talk about their parents fighting or getting divorced. i didn't know all couples weren't madly in love like allison and john. they are the best examples to me! i consider myself lucky -- i've been able to observe their habits and interactions for the past 22 years, so i think i entered my marriage with some pretty good ideas of what to do. here are some of the observations i've taken of my parents and their happy marriage:

1. they never fight. sure, they disagree about things, but they just talk it out. they respectfully listen and talk. i've never ever ever heard my parents raise their voices at each other.
2. they spend time together. i can't tell you how many of my friday nights growing up consisted of a little caesar's pizza and a babysitter. i am glad they made date night a weekly thing, no matter how tired or busy they were. it showed me the importance of quality spouse time.
3. they are always talking. it's almost annoying, really. they call each other multiple times throughout the day just to say hi. sometimes when my mom went to girls camp, my dad would write letters to her and send them up with ladies from the ward. it's like they can't stand being away from each other.
4. they act like they love each other. haha, i know they really do love each other. but what i mean by this is that everyone else knows it, too. they always hold hands. he always opens her door. they always sit right next together. they compliment one another. everyone who sees them interact knows they're crazy about each other.
5. they are a team. these two people work so hard. they both work, clean, cook, serve, and worship. they help each other and support each other in all the things they do. my mom goes to listen to my dad speak in church, and my dad makes a special effort to help with dishes and clean-up after my mom has made dinner. they work so well together.

i could go on, but john's probably already tearing up. mom, thanks for teaching me how to be a good wife. dad, thanks for showing me what to look for in a husband. i'm so happy for you two, and i hope you have fun celebrating this special day! i love you.