okay. so i am totally in the christmas-zone right now. i've been listening to christmas music aalllllll day long. and i know im totally gonna regret saying this... but i may or may not kind of almost semi-like the snow. i suppose we have a love-hate relationship. i fell on my butt twice yesterday. it was great.

anyway, in honor of christmas i wanted to share my two favorite christmas songs of all time.

1. Josh Groban "Believe"
this song is AMAZING. i love love love him! it's from polar express... and i called my mom yesterday and told her to send me christmas songs just so i could have this one song. i could listen to it over and over for the rest of the month. and as a matter of fact, i will.

2. Aly & AJ "Greatest Time of Year"
I LOVE THIS SONG. my play count is already 14 and i just started listening to christmas music like yesterday. it gets me so pumped up. i remember listening to this song on my ipod on christmas eve because i couldnt sleep. hahaha. jeeze. its like one of my favorite songs ever... not just in the christmas category.

anyway. those are my two faves. i hear t swift has a christmas album out... and so does david archuleta. i'll have to check those out asap!!

this is most definitely the best time of year. i love everything about christmas. the spirit, the food (in relief society this week, i talked about my mom's egg nog cheesecake and people gasped), the presents, the tree, the mistletoe, the hot chocolate, the sledding, and just the fact that everyone is so happy and giving at this time of year.

i turn 19 this christmas... daaaaang. thats old. i cant believe my bff alex westmoreland will be 20 on christmas eve. holler! well. thats all i have to say at the moment... i lost 9 pounds since thanksgiving break! WOO. i definitely am starting to make some new years resolutions haha.. i wanna be prepared. wouldnt it be cool to say i ran 365 miles in one year? i think that might be one of them.

11 days till i go home :)
17 days till christmas/birthday celebration!



  1. i love both those songs so much!!! love you toooo.

  2. Cool Songs Ashley-I like.....Good job on the running! you are awesome! Keep it up, one day I will start soon. :-) Julie

  3. i LOVE JOSH! I am so glad that is a favorite, because it's one of mine as well. I can't wait to see you Ash.