these are my confessions.

1. i am sitting in the airport right now, waiting for my flight to board.. and i could not be happier. okay i guess i could be if i were in the vegas airport haha. but you catch my drift.
2. airports are confusing, HUGE, and difficult.
3. i pretty much lied to everyone about my final exam grades with the exception of two people. its embarrassing! and why do they need to know? its none of their business. adding 5 or 10 points to my score is not a sin.
4. i now fully understand the phrase "purple mountains majesty." yesterday, i was walking home and the sun was setting and the snow was on the mountains and somehow they just turned this beautiful shade of purple. i tried to run inside and grab my camera.. but it didnt really work haha. i reminded myself of my mom. it was weird. utah is beautiful.
5. im not going to go as far as to say that i like the snow.. but i'll admit it is kind of growing on me. its so pretty! i stared at the mountains for like five minutes straight yesterday and then realized how stupid i looked and stopped. but who knew the snow was so exciting?! look at this snowman...
crazy! my mind was blown. at least 3 other snowmen this size were created this week.
6. i'm 4 seats away from this boy in my ward.. i cant remember his name. woops. i feel like a failure. my calling (ward greeter) is supposed to make me get to know everyone in the ward. uhg.
7. i'm turning 19 next week.. and i'm kind of freaking out. where did this year go!? i've been graduated for more than 6 months. what the crap is going on haha.. i dont want to grow up!
8. i sold a text book back this week and got $87 back. it kind of made my week.
9. i will miss the cannon center, and the girls from my floor. aside from that, i could leave provo forever and be perfectly content.
10. i didnt charge my computer yesterday, and i really want to watch mean girls on the plane. so im getting off.



  1. im so glad you watched mean girls on the plane. haha, lets all watch it together while we're home!! fab 5 party.

  2. barnes! are you really going to MISS the cannon center??? see now i'm aching for some more beautiful snow, but the cannon i could do without forever. also happy early birth!! i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one in denial about growing up! at least you won't be twenty in a few months :( THAT is depressing.

  3. I totally get what you are talking about with the mountains and the snow at dusk. It's purple blueish tint. It's so pretty. happy birthday in advance!!! love you so so much.

  4. ummm you need to check that homecoming post again. . . there is totally a picture of you & todd. It's been there the whole time. duh. I think it's time for a new post from your blog. what do you think?