happy happy happy.

its thursday morning, 1:40 a.m., and all is well.

not sure what it is about this week... i was fully prepared to come back emo and depressed after spending a week in glorious las vegas. (i mean, come on. who wants to go from VEGAS to PROVO? talk about down-grade) but guess what? i'm not emo or depressed.


-maybe its because i just finished my last paper like five minutes ago, meaning i wont have to write another one until next semester!
-maybe its because i got my vegas fix in for a few weeks
-maybe its the warm feeling i get inside when i think about going to american heritage lecture TWO more times!! thats it!!
-maybe its because i was actually social for once tonight. i went and played rockband with a bunch of people from my ward. it felt good because 1) i loooove rockband and 2) i looooove talking to people. (i knew all of those hours playing in high school would not go wasted. i impressed a lot of people tonight with my expertise)
-maybe its the fact that NEXT THURSDAY (exactly one week from this very moment) will be my last day of classes for this semester
-maybe its because i got to spend five nights in a comfortable bed last week
-maybe its because the christmas decorations alllll over campus. including my very own taylor hall :) tonight floor council strung christmas lights all along the floor ceiling. pretty.
-maybe its the fact that i can wear all of my nordstrom coats now because its cold as shi- outside
-maybe its because a friend problem got resolved last week when i was home :) i feel like a weight has been taken off my chest!
-maybe its because i got to see afton WAY more than expected last week. I. LOVE. HER. like honestly.... can i have a baby?! ahahaha. she loves me. she cried when i tried to hand her off to someone else.
i woke up to her in my bed on thanksgiving morning hahahha. weird family. so naturally, i had to take pictures. she is so stinking cute.
-maybe its because subway has a new menu item.. chicken cordon bleu melt! holy crap. heaven.
-maybe its because i feel better about next semester. i think i have my classes the way i want them, and every time i think about getting into the elementary ed program i want to freaking jump! i am so excited to be a teacher. a couple weeks ago, i was SO down and discouraged because i'm failing like everything and i was so overwhelmed with life and school and then i went to this el ed seminar... and it got me all pumped up again. i just need to focus.
-maybe its because i came back to provo with a package and a letter awaiting for me! i love love love getting mail. it easily makes any day better. (hint hint) (haha just kidding) (okay but really)
-MAYBE its because my parents got a new mac and i am so excited for them, and i am even more excited about the fact that we can SKYPE now!! i came home sunday night, and i've already had two skype sessions with the fam. maybe if i knew i would love skyping with them this much, i would have donated some serious money to their mac fund.

i love this picture.. we look like sisters huh? i love her.

basically. i'm happy. dont know why... because its FREEZING and i should be stressed out of my mind with finals... but... i dont know. haha. its all good. i get to go home in 16 days! cross your fingers for me and my final exams :) at least i know i'll get an A in my biology lab... stupid bacteria



  1. Loved your blog and glad that you're happy. You do have a lot to be happy about and I'm glad you're doing well. We love you. We have total faith in you and know you're trying very hard to get good grades. Keep up the awesome work and we'll see you in just a few more weeks!


    P.S. Skype tonight?

  2. Why aren't our dinner dates on this list. I'm hurt. jk...love youuu