date night/dream night

scotty and i are running out of excuses to drive our new car. we've gone grocery shopping more times in the past two weeks than we have in the past few months.
it's a bit ridiculous. 
friday night, we couldn't think of anywhere we needed to go, anything we needed to buy, or any other practical outing that would allow us to take a drive. even the smallest trip would fill our craving!

instead, we opted for a long drive up through draper and around the mountain into highland.
it was BEAUTIFUL! we had never done that drive before. 
and ever since katherine's wedding in the draper temple, we have been dying to get a closer look at those mansions right next door. we parked in the temple parking lot and walked in awe and amazement around the gorgeous houses. 
i take that last statement back. i don't feel comfortable calling them "houses," i mean really. they are more like castles or mansions.   this one below is scotty's favorite:
i just can't get over how beautiful they are! we laughed when i mentioned how different this is from vegas. my neighborhood in vegas has about three different house layouts and four different colors, and these are the boring rotation patterned throughout the streets. all stucco. all rock-themed landscape. nothing amazing. nothing unique. but look at these! every single one is so different and has its own personality and design. 
oh look, one for sale! 
this one is my favorite. look at that tower! and look at the little spires on top! can we call those spires? 
oh and here's the other half. how cool is that? let me just drive under my bridge to park in my garage. 
here is my unsuccessful attempt at getting the whole thing in a picture. 

there were motes, four-car garages, bridges, waterfalls, towers, balconies, pillars, huge windows, along with all things beautiful and romantic. 

these lucky biotches have the most amazing view. we could see the whole valley from up there. it was truly amazing. my jaw dropped as we watched the most beautiful sunset. 
i envy the people who live up there and get to see that display of colors on a nightly basis. 
fun, right? maybe one day (give or take 40 years) that will be us.


  1. those are amazing. take me and tony with you next time haha. and i totally agree, vegas house are so boring.

  2. they're called turrets, but I don't know how to spell them. I look at those houses and see ginormous property taxes, upkeep and cleaning costs, and electric bills. But you're right, gorgeous houses and views. I love the carriage house driveway look too.

  3. Don't be a hater mom. Didn't you know cleaning ladies are included in the purchase of the house? And they give rich people discounts on electric bills! 40 years?! Ash, we'll be neighbors in those bad boys in 20!!