the panacea

i have this reoccuring problem in my life. 
i love sugar. 
i want sugar. 
everywhere i go, i see sugar and i buy the sugar and then continue to consume the sugar. 

the sweet tooth i inherited from my dear mother is getting out of hand. 

so i decided i am going to start a sugar-prevention program for myself. 
problem: everything that doesn't include sugar as a top-three ingredient is gross. 

check out this awesome recipe i found on pinterest. 
*drumroll, please* 
if my subpar photography skills aren't eye-appealing enough to persuade you, click here for the original recipe link. 

basically, all you do is slice up 3 bananas. freeze em. 
look, we're halfway done! 
i pulled out the food processor that i didn't even know i had. 
(every day is like christmas when you're a newly wed) 
spent literally 25 minutes trying to set it up. 
i had never touched one in my life before. 
in frustration, i summoned the husband to work his magic, because the machine obviously hated me. 
he rotated the lid so it wasn't on backwards, and after a few tears i was good to go. 
after the lid is secured the right way, push "on." it takes about a minute and a half for the bananas to become a ice-cream-replica bowlful of heaven. as i took the lid to the food processor off, i heard the hallelujah chorus. 
the bananas alone in this consistency are an excellent snack. but since i am easing my way into this whole "eat vegetables and fruits instead of candy and chocolate" thing, i added a spoonful of peanut butter and 2 tsps of cocoa. 
still healthy!
i was feeling like a culinary genius, so i added some strawberry slices on top to achieve a full-on gourmet presentation.  
i am so glad that you follow my blog so that you too can enjoy this amazing creation. 
aren't you lucky? 
from this week forward, i vow to stop buying the long stick of banana-flavored laffy taffy as a daily mid-afternoon snack, and instead i will replace my sugary sweets with healthier things i find on pinterest. 


  1. jordan & I made that like two weeks ago. It was yummy but a little too bananay for me. But jordan loved it :)

  2. yum! i will have to try it. You might want to get natural peanut butter since jiffy is mostly sugar. sorry to tell you that. and sorry you got my sweet tooth!

  3. oh my gosh im dying. thats the easiest thing and it literally just made my mouth water. making some tonight! haha love ur blog