like the elderly

marriage: bringing out the grandma in me and the grandpa in scotty. 

last night we both got home from work, and said "it's friday night!" 
we had a quick discussion of what activities would follow for the rest of our carefree evening. so many options! nothing holding us back! no curfew! we could do whatever we wanted to! malls, wingers, movies, ice cream, anything imaginable was at the tip of our fingers! 

so i made some homemade alfredo. 
scotty watched half of the celtics game. 
i made 8 sugar cookies as a bedtime snack. 
and then for the grand finale, we crawled into bed around 9:30. 
asleep before 10. 
i found this cute picture on pinterest haha. isn't that precious? it melts my heart. every single day i am so happy that i married scotty. i love the guy! even when we sit at home on a friday night like we are 80 years old, i am perfectly content. i don't care what we do, or where we are, i love being with him and spending time with him. 
blink a few times and we will start looking like that old couple. 
time flies when you're having fun. 

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