i've never been much of an animal person. 
we didn't have pets growing up.
i wasn't really even around pets growing up. 
my extreme fear of dogs up until age 12 didn't really help. 
sure, we had a pet turtle for a couple years. but once my family gave her away, my heart was broken and i decided i will never have room to love another animal. (click here for that sad saga

every time someone pins this on pinterest i laugh. 

... because, yeah. i don't like dogs. 
and people do question the existence of my heart and soul. 
i don't like horses, cats, birds. i HATE snakes and lizards and slimy things. 
i'm not one of those people who wants to go save abused or orphaned animals, i don't get emotional about animal deaths, and i yawn through animal movies. one time i told my mom that i would be fine if every other animal was wiped off the face of the earth except for cows and chickens. i love my burgers. and you can't have a cafe rio chicken salad without the chicken! 

with all of that being said, can i contradict myself and show you this picture? 
SERIOUSLY? how am i supposed to stay strong in my animal-boycott when i come across pictures like this on pinterest? my current hobby is googling "baby bulldog" and forcing scotty to look at every single picture with me. 

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  1. hahaha this is awesome. tony and i like to google puppies all the time. and we take trips to petland to play with them haha