happy 4th of july!

... 20 days later. 
listen. i know i'm late, but our independence day wasn't exactly "festive and blog worthy."
but then i thought to myself, how could i not document our first married 4th of july? 
what if i'm 85 years old and a little granddaughter sitting on my knee asks, "gramma, what did you and grandpa do to celebrate your first fourth of july as a married couple?" and i am forced sit there with furrowed brows, scratching my forehead trying to recall that historic event from decades and decades past? instead, i will pull out a very thick book compiled with all of my blog posts, flip right to july 2012, and read her this ancient account: 

for our first ever married fourth of july, scotty and i both had the day off of work. we could do whatever we wanted! we have passes to seven peaks burning a hole in our pockets, a pool in our apartment complex, friends and family galore. what did we do, you ask? 

well. we started off with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes. scotty has been quite the experimental chef lately. we traveled off to home depot and target. (what kind of "day off" is it if you don't go to target?) and for the whole rest of the afternoon, we painted our dining room table. 

... and it looks great! 

it sure is a wonderful feeling to have matching things.  
we rented a movie, didn't see a single firework, and didn't even smell a bbq. 
it was a little unorthodox, i'll admit. 
but i also admit that sometimes you just need a catch-up day! 
i promise we love our country.  


  1. haha this is awesome. your table looks great!

  2. The table looks awesome good job makesme want to paint mine.