vegas highlights

last weekend we went to vegas!
and when i say "went to vegas" what i really mean is...
spent friday at the lake with family, sandwiches, and surprisingly wonderful weather,
had a delicious BBQ with marx fam (the burgers and company did not disappoint!),
surprised my mom friday night and listened to her laugh out of complete shock and happiness,
took my parents for a joyride in our new car,
(they approved)
purchased four boxes of red velvet cafe chocolate chip cookies,
(mouth is watering as i type that)
tried to alleviate our lake burns with an aloe vera plant my mom has growing in her kitchen,
and watched my 45-year old mother open her 45 presents.
 this was one of them:
 and 6 others were tickets to phantom of the opera.
 scotty was obviously so excited to go!
sunday i woke up and drove over to leah's house. we needed some quality catching up time! we didn't take a picture because we were half sleeping which meant no makeup/unbrushed hair. plus, there was no time to take a picture. too much to talk about. so here is a classic one of us :)
on the drive back we made a pit stop in st george to eat dinner with our favorite cruise friends! we enjoyed a delicious roast, a quick loud pouring rainstorm, card games, and lots of laughs. once again, i failed to take a picture. but here is my attractive husband sitting outside of their apartment
 and the grand finale, on the last stretch, just under 20 miles away from reaching our home,
 we were pulled over by a bored police man and his trainee.
 "you had a hard time staying between the lines back there!"
"do you not realize we've been driving for 6 hours and we just want to go home and sleep in our own bed and take a shower and prepare ourselves to wake up at 6:00 AM tomorrow to endure a whole week of work after a fun-filled family weekend in las vegas?!"
... okay maybe that was just a thought going through my head.

but we got off with a warning, which meant that the entire trip, start to finish, was a complete success!

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