lovey dovey

oh, valentines day.
what a joke.
am i right or am i right?
hahaha. who needs a date on the calendar to remember how special a sweetheart is?

however, the usual bitterness i have toward this special "holiday" magically disappeared today as i woke up and remembered i'm engaged to the most handsome man i know. i love this guy!

whether it's a cute text message, romantic singing/dancing in the kitchen, or a sparkle in those beautiful blue eyes, i am reminded on a daily basis how lucky i am to have him.
in honor of this day, i would like to share with the entire blogging community a few of my favorite things about my valentine.

1. his humor. scotty is so funny... he can make me laugh even when i am in the worst mood!

2. the guy can sing. he wont admit it all the time, but he has a voice that melts my heart. sometimes i dont sing the hymns in church just so i can listen to him instead.

3. his smile. it kills me! i can't look at him without smiling. i think he is just the cutest dang thing i've ever seen hahaha.

4. his mad skills. scotty beats me at just about everything and every game haha. i love that we can play anything together and have so much fun! we love wii games, board games, card games, stupid middle school games, droid games. some of our favorites right now are wii resort basketball and archery, guesstimation, and the dot game in church.

5. he is so good to me. he treats me like a princess and does the sweetest things. he'll massage my feet or scratch my back without me even asking. and he'll buy me tickets to phantom of the opera for valentines day!!! :) i am sooooooooo excited!

the list could go on and on, but i resume my position at the cleaners in 7 hours.
i need sleep.
basically all i request that you take away from this post is that i, ashley barnes, am so in love with my valentine.
here's to many more valentines days to come :)


  1. cutest blog post everrrr! ashley you're engaged so is tayler! everybodys engaged!! and so happy. hah I love you so much zig. you're so cute and I'm so happy and I cant wait to go to your wedding!!!

  2. awe this is freaking adorable. I lovee your blog :)