inductive reasoning

after reading this rather entertaining article,
a small light flickered in my brain.
i realized that a lot of admirable blogging women have nicknames for their husbands.

exhibit a:
stephanie nielson (a.k.a. nienie). can be stalked here.
she only refers to her husband as "mr. nielson"

exhibit b:
natalie (a.k.a. the fat rat). see her blog here.
her lover is "the holbs"

exhibit c:
if i recall correctly, jan hodson calls derrick "D"
other ladies are using "the husband," "my man," or other generic terms.
and there are more, i'm just having a brain fart.

therefore, if i would like to work my way up in the blogging world i need to follow these ladies moves. since i am soon to be married and will indeed have a husband, i've decided i need something to call him besides scotty in order to fulfill my dreams of becoming a famous mormon-mommy-blogger. haha im mostly kidding. but in all seriousness, i really am trying to think of something fun to call him.

any suggestions?

at the same time, i am thinking of what i will rename my blog after the big day. it can't be "a little bit of this, a little bit of ash... plus scotty" stupid. i don't know what to do.

this is my train of thoughts as i fall asleep at night.
buenos noches & sweet dreams


  1. how about scott and ashley marx THE THIRD (yep, im a name stealer. x's 3). it has a nice ring to it.

  2. i have totally thought of this before. i mostly just use husband. you should use "mr smarx" or "smarx". you will think of something!

  3. The title to your blog is perfect, don't change it when your matrimonial status changes. Nat the Fat Rat isn't Rat & Holbs, it's just her name. So keep your blog as is. As for what you call him? That will just happen with time, but I can understand your angst to get it right in the blogging community.