valentines day: part II

so our valentines day was nice. we spent lots of time together and had fun. a nice dinner at chilis with mitchell, michelle, tanner, and bonquiqui (tanner's imaginary girlfriend. he felt leftout.)
BUT, the day after valentines day was perfect.

scotty surprised me with tickets to phantom of the opera. i was sooooooooo excited! i've always had a love for phantom of the opera. a lot of my childhood memories include me, mitch, and john rocking out to the cd. it's the perfect roadtrip soundtrack. i adore the play. and i even wrote a paper last semester arguing that the phantom of the opera movie is one of the most pleasurable aesthetic experiences ever had.

so we ventured off to the venetian and took our seats center stage. it was incredible!

afterward, he surprised me again and took me to maggianos. mmmmmm
it was freaking delicious!
we got parmesan chicken and chicken alfredo and split them.
so yummy.
we made friends with the waiter so at the end he brought us free dessert!
scotty being good looking and fun paid off :) bahaha.

it was such a fun night!
i sure love that boy :)

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