thanks george & abe

i love presidents day weekend.
it always comes at the best time!
it's like a halfway check point from winter break to spring break
(not that those apply to me right now haha)
anyway, our weekend was super fun!

scotty and i went with my family to brianhead, utah. our good friend dix has a cabin there that he lets us use from time to time. it's beautiful! we drove up friday night and spent all weekend in the mountains.

we spent all of saturday on the slopes. scotty taught me how to snowboard! i have been skiing, but i'd never even touched a snowboard until that day haha. i was horrible! luckily scotty is a good teacher and he was so patient with me. i think it took us an hour to make it down the bunny hill for the first time haha... not even exaggerating. but i made lots of improvement! the last run i only fell like twice.
this picture shows how i spent most of my day haha. on the ground.

i think i counted 14 bruises the next day.

friday night, sunday, and monday were dedicated to GAMES. we became completely addicted to scrabble. every single one of us (except me because my electronic devices suck) downloaded "words with friends" at the end of the weekend. some other favorites were phase 10, skipbo, ping pong, and of course mario party.

sunday we thought of spiritual things as we made sled routes. we (scotty and john) dug a path on the side of the house and had so much fun sledding down and making jumps!
but the real fun came after 4:30, when the ski lift stopped.
this meant we had total private access to the slopes!
since the cabin is literally on the side of the run, we walked out the backdoor and hopped on a sled down the ski slope. it was amazing!

we were flying down the hill so fast! it was so steep and soooooo FUN.

and now we're back to reality...
work and life and laundry.
i miss cabin life already!

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  1. man are you guys cute!!!! love you two. sounds like a fun weeekend. <3