the "proper bowling stance"

last week while my parents were gone, my grandparents came to babysit and make sure nothing crazy happened. it was fun having them here, they always keep us laughing. grandma sings random things all the time and is always happy, and grandpa is a master at every wii game. he is addicted to the wii- every time he comes over he is glued! i think his two favorites are bowling and golfing. grandma on the other hand has no technological skills whatsoever (sorry grandma). they are so funny and i enjoyed their company over the past week.

there is one story in particular that i would like to document...
its morning and i'm just walking around the house, making food and getting ready to go to work. i hear grandma talking in the other room so i listen in
"jerry, listen. i'm sorry."
"i'm sorry!! don't take it personally, okay?"
"i love you! you can't let these things get to you like this."
grandpa hadn't said a word.
and i'm like what the... this sounds really serious. what's going on? should i not go in there? are they fighting or something?
no fight.
just an embarrassing wii bowling final score on the tv screen-
grandpa: 140 something
grandma:280 something

i can't believe she beat him haha! it was probably the second or third time she had ever touched the wii in her life!
she kept saying over and over again "jerry, its all about the proper bowling stance. if you stood up, i promise it would make a difference!" they played again and she won again. he changed his wii character and she said "oh like that's gonna do anything for you!!!" hahahaha.
after that, i believe the wii got turned off for a while.
it was really funny. i love my grandparents! they are so cute :)

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