i can't believe i'm saying this...

i think i maybe, kind of, somewhat, just a teeeeeennny tiny little bit, almost, slightly, may perhaps be missing my parents.
for those of you who don't know, they're on a cruise. now, now, i know exactly what you're thinking: how could they not take along their favorite daughter? i've asked myself that same question every day this week. they haven't had any kind of communication at all... no cell service, internet, anything!
so while they're away doing this kind of stuff...

i'm here doing this kind of stuff...
(if you can't tell, this is a picture of me doing absolutely nothing)

i guess all i'm trying to say here is i miss my mom.
and sometimes, i even miss john too :)
i love the cute little couple.
they are pretty awesome, and i feel the need to list some reasons why i like them so much...

1. they both cook fabulous meals
2. they both are righteous and amazing examples
3. they are both so funny (just in different ways)
4. john is great at proof-reading papers and answering hard questions
5. mom is good at giving me hugs and making me feel better
6. they let me move home and destroy the downstairs bathroom
7. they are fun to play games with
8. mom sings to birds and talks in british accents
9. john inspires me to be more creative and outgoing
10. they are pretty attractive for their old ages

and the worst part is, i don't even know when they're coming home. haha!! i was so excited for them to leave i couldn't concentrate when they were giving me instructions and running through procedures. i think it's either saturday or sunday... and who knows what time. i guess i just have to stay glued to my phone so i can hear them call for a ride from the airport

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