my resolutions

i like making goals. i really do.
the only problem is i have a hard time following through after the first few weeks of success.

exhibit a:
the sticky note on my computer of 2010 resolutions.

1. run 365 miles this year. clever... funny... but now that i think about it, i didn't even keep track. and i probably ran four times all of fall semester. FAIL.
2. read the whole book of mormon. now this one has some justification... i was reading it, but then i started my D&C class in september, so i dedicated my reading to that and kind of pushed the book of mormon aside. that sounds bad. but, nonetheless, FAIL.
3. read the scriptures every day. i think the first day i missed was in march. then after that it all went downhill. i'm not horrible at it, but i definitely could be better. FAIL.
4. not get engaged. HA! i laughed so hard when i saw this a couple weeks ago. too bad i am madly in love and words can't describe the excitement i have for my engagement. FAIL.
5. stop swearing. well world, it's time to make a confession. i think swearing is fun. but this year that habit significantly decreased. i only fell in times where my life was threatened or events of same severity. or where it was of upmost hilarity. just when you thought i was a complete failure- WIN.
6. lose enough weight to have a healthy BMI. this one was really important to me. 2010 gave me a greater appreciation of working out and running. i almost cried tears of joy the day i stood on wii fit in my living room and it told me that i had reached a healthy bmi, and was no longer in the embarrassing "at risk of being overweight" column. WIN.

so i accomplished 2 out of 6 goals. awesome. that's like a 33%... definitely an F.
this year i've put together a few goals that are perhaps easier to achieve haha. and i am posting them on the internet so that everyone in the world (or at least my mom and leah) will be witnesses. so without further ado, here are ashley's goals for 2011:

1. read scriptures every day
2. hit 145 lbs at some point during the year
3. be smarter with money/only buy clothes that i need :)
4. go to the temple
5. work out at least twice a week
6. incorporate small acts of service in my weekly life
7. cut down on fast food
8. spend quality time with my family

and that's that. wish me luck.

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