my last night in 2010

what better way to spend the last night of 2010 than with my favorite person ever?

we started the night off with some panda express... i got my wisdom teeth out this week and chow mein was the only thing that sounded practical.

we then went to the bus station and took the free shuttle down to the strip.
my cute fiancee figuring out our routes

we got downtown and had a blast walking around. all of las vegas blvd was blocked off, so everyone was walking in the middle of the streets! we laughed at all the crazy drunks, hookers, and obnoxious tourists.
naturally, we had to go to the bellagio and watch the fountains. it's our thing :) so fun. i feel like my grandma joy when i say that i could watch the fountains for hours and not get bored.
so pretty!
after the bellagio, we ventured in the freezing cold to find the bus stop. it was a complete failure. we saw plenty of busses going the opposite way, but none going the way we wanted! we walked from the bellagio to the convention center! i'm thinking it was around 3 miles. two days later and my feet still hurt. luckily we got some hot chocolate along the way :)
finally we made it to gary's condo. gary is scotty's boss, and he has a sweet place just north of the strip. we had an awesome view! all of the fireworks were eye level for us.

happy new year! 2010 was great, but i have a real good feeling about 2011...
bring it on.

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