well. i don't know about you, but over the past five days i have acquired a whole new meaning to the word "starving."

friends, meet THE MASTER CLEANSE.

(i stole this picture from suzanne roberston's facebook haha)
it looks harmless.
but in reality, it is the worst form of torture i have ever experienced.
haha just kidding. it's not that hard. basically, all my body has been consuming for the past five days is a mixture of syrup, lemon juice, water, and (on occasion) cayenne pepper.
i've lost 8 lbs and i feel awesome!

now now, before you jump to conclusions and say stupid things like "you're gonna gain it back when you start eating" or "that's not good for you at all!" or "you're gonna die!" just stop. first off, i'm not stupid. obviously i'm going to gain some of the weight back when i start eating. but the thing is, this isn't all about losing weight- its a detox. i dont think that dr. oz would go on national television and proclaim to millions of people that this was a great thing to do if he didn't mean it. if you read this website, you will come to find that this 10 day cleanse is actually really good for you. it flushes all of the crap out of your colon that has been sitting there for who knows how long! i see it as a transition to a healthier lifestyle. it's about practicing self control. and my mom needed a support partner :) i really do feel more energized. i went to a body pump class today at the gym and i felt like the most vigorous person in the room haha!

my favorite line of the site is this:
Your body will purge itself of toxins that are lodged in joints, soft tissue, cartilage, and mucous membranes.
gross! doesn't that just make you want to do this?

so we're halfway done... five more days!
wish me luck.

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