pictures from my phone

my phone is jacked up. i hate it. i've hated it since the day i got it, but i thought i would get used to it... nope. haha now its breaking so i have a legitimate excuse to buy a new one. (not the iphone because i have to wait until AUGUST for my stupid upgrade) (which isn't that bad... waiting is always fun. it will be worth it.)

anyway. i didn't want to lose all of my fun pictures after i take a hammer to this thing, so i sent them all to my email.
and what better place to store them than my blog?

so without further ado, here are completely random pictures from my phone that my heart couldn't bear to delete. with my commentary of course :)

ah, my handsome fiancee. look at him. i am kind of obsessed with this picture... there's just something about a man in a shirt and tie.
the fab five at applebees. i love these girls more than life. look how little we were!! haha, there is a more recent picture coming up. this picture makes me miss high school and the five of us being inseparable
me and my best friend/hoe for life being stupid. this was on our california trip. oh what? you didn't hear about that? click this. we gave each other multiple tattoos haha.
haha stupid. one day a couple of months ago, a few girls on my floor begged me to try this wedding dress on for kicks. they sent a picture to scotty haha. they got it at D.I. for like $20.
two things i love about this picture. 1) look at how dark my freaking chest is. i look hispanic. i want that again. 2) look at how cute afton's face is. i love her
oh snap. that blonde right there is the one and only taylor swift. i still can't believe i was that close to her! she is probably in my top 5 favorite celebs. so inspiring and so cute.
WHAT?! is the end of the world coming?! that's right, your eyes are not fooling you- that is indeed scotty marx in a byu shirt! i was going to use this for blackmail one day, but i guess this works :) i love you babe
the fab five. after a perfect night of pazookie and mean girls. have i mentioned i miss them?
this picture always makes me laugh. jen ballard and i found this junior year. a little chicken man at farm basket!
this was on my present from santa this year- also quite comical. if you can't read this is says
to: ashley
from: santa freaking clause!
oooo the conference center: christmas edition. this was when i went to the mo tab/david archuleta/some other guy concert in december. it was mind blowing. i can't believe i forgot to blog about that concert. david archuleta has by far the most flawless voice i have ever heard in my life.
uhh this is titus. haha my dear katherine dew was playing on a site where you put in a picture of a boy and a girl and it shows you their future child... this is what mine and scotty's child would look like hahahaha. cute, right?
speaking of me and scotty, here we are at his cousin's wedding :) so fun. he is pretty cute

oh gosh. last summer, some crazy guy named hussan brought these pants in and said that we had ripped them (note the somewhat clean tear across one of the legs) he demanded a refund, and we refused because it was obviously not our doing. we're pretty sure he just took a pair of scissors to one of the legs and blamed us to get free cash. i mean, it was a pretty clean cut and all of our equipment is padded... idiot. the man came in like 3 times harassing me and my coworker (shout-out to my homegirl dani) and on the third time we called the cops on him because he was cussing us out and threatening us. "I WILL BOMB THIS WHOLE STORE!" "I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!" jeeze dude. they're just pants. needless to say, it was the most action the cleaners has seen in a long time.

here i am accomplishing one of my life goals- to drive a convertible. special thanks to kevin hansen for making my dreams come true haha. i drove it my sophomore year in the homecoming parade with royalty in the back. so fun.
oh look, satan making a special appearance on temple square. this guy gave me the creeps! he was holding a book of mormon in his hand saying "WANNA READ MY NEW BOOK?!" what a freak. i hate those people. nobody listens to them anyway.
after i got engaged, this is what i came home to haha. i love my girls. that thing in the middle is like a stuffed animal dove that one of my girls sewed! crazy stuff haha.

well hopefully you found that interesting...
if not, i'll appreciate it in 10+ years
happy tuesday!