"falling in love many times"

A few days ago, I hung this printable up in our kitchen
how cute is that?
i am in love.
(yes, with both my person and this printable) 
seriously, this is so true.
you can't just get married and then live happily ever after by paying bills, going to school, and working. 

you know what i mean?
couples need to keep the spark alive.
still act like they're dating.
still do nice things for each other.
and i mean, they don't have to be big things.

example a.
scotty always kills the spiders for me.
sure, sure. this task may seem small or insignificant. but i think my heart swells as big as my whole body when i watch him take charge and kill the nasty little things. i'm a weenie and a squealer. scotty is neither. after a spider is safely disposed of in the toilet and hands are washed, i run to him with a beaming smile and give him the chest-crunching hug he deserves. my hero. 
example b.
scotty quotes mean girls.
it's not just that he quotes mean girls, it's the fact that he quotes mean girls because he knows it's my favorite movie and he knows it makes me happy and he knows it makes me laugh. he had never even seen mean girls before we met!
he obviously loves me.

example c.
he is dedicated to my happiness and well-being. 
... and that is why he spent over 15 minutes moving furniture and trying to retrieve the neosporin that i accidentally threw behind the dresser. 
i love this guy and all of the little things he does for me each day! i am so lucky. 

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