VMA 2012

yeah, yeah, i know i'm late.
what else is new.

school is borderline impossible.
BUT, i just got around to looking at the VMA reviews and pictures.
and i gotta say,
there is ONE person whose look i absolutely adored!

... not miley cyrus.
looking at boobs isn't really my thing.

not emma watson.
it's just too much going on. hurts my eyes.

 not katy perry, not rihanna, definitely not nicki minaj,
and i'm still up in the air about t swift.

missy franklin... let's not be ridiculous. i'm proud of you for representing our country. but your gold medal belongs in a glass case in your living room. do you wear it to high school and the mall, too? 

my favorite outfit of the VMA's belonged to...
*drumroll, please*
oh my heck.
have you ever seen a dress so sparkly?
so classy?
and so MODEST?

here is someone who probably has the most banging body out there, being so in shape and all, and she chooses to wear a knee-length, half-sleeve, glittery ensemble of perfection.
not to mention, her shoes are awesome.

i'd wear it.
bravo, gabby douglas. bravo.

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