saving fall 2012

well... it's that time of year again. 
unlike most people, i have pretty neutral feelings toward the fall season.

more accurately stated, i have this weird almost borderline-phobia of fall.

sure, i enjoy an occasional leaf-stomping session. and i love a good excuse to add pumpkin to every recipe (pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin snickerdoodles, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, etc.) and yes, i'll admit. my heart tingles with joy at the thought of reuniting with my uggs.

but in reality, fall just means that winter is coming.
... and i hate winter.
the leaves falling from the trees are just a sick foreshadowing of the snow fall that is soon to come.

the only remedy i can find for this pessimism of mine is to buy fall-scented candles. because come on, THEY ARE THE BEST! (even deserving of my shouty capitals!) so as i realized fall was upon me, i traveled over to target and bought a lovely "pumpkin spice" candle.  the first of many this season, i assume.  i was so giddy i almost skipped the whole way home.

one day my candle wouldn't light. the wick was burnt down to the bottom... but almost 1/2 of the wax was still remaining! see for yourself:
right?! how ridiculous is that?
i was trying to be positive about fall (despite the 49 degree weather i endure every morning on the way to my car) and this is what happened. i considered taking it back to target. "I DIDN'T PAY FOR HALF OF A CANDLE!" but i knew those stingy red-collared creeps wouldn't take pity on me. too bad it wasn't from costco. i furrowed my brows in disgust and after some pinterest searching, plopped said candle into a pot of water.
slowly all of the wax turned to liquid.
with a 40% off coupon in hand,
i made my way over to Hobby Lobby and bought a wick.
my record-breaking grand total was $1.70
i know. i was ecstatic, too.
i carefully crafted a very advanced mechanism to hold the wick in place while the wax re-hardened. 
 and after a few hours in the fridge... smiles, smells, and light were restored to my kitchen.
now i can sit back, smell the spice, and smile at my cute husband in his fall sweaters. 
bring on the hot chocolate. 


  1. How did you burn through that so fast?! We were only at Target like two weeks ago!

  2. Does Scotty still have his classic pink argyle sweater? If not, this season warrants a new one.