comfort food

do you ever have those mornings where you don't feel like you're at your top game? maybe you hit the snooze button in the early hours and forgot that you have a job and school to go to. maybe after that, you woke up and remembered those two commitments, and that you were supposed to leave five minutes ago.  and maybe once you got into your car, you realized that your gas light was on and you probably wouldn't make it all the way to provo. and maybe before you even merged onto the freeway, you got flipped off by an 80-year-old woman riding a bicycle.

and maybe all day you just feel gross because you didn't have time to shower (or even put mascara on, for that matter), and your dress shrunk in the wash so it's almost too short for comfort.

and maybe you're thinking about other things that happened throughout the week; working overtime, getting approved for $0 in pell grants, almost losing in a fight-to-the-death battle with the biggest spider you've ever seen, and last but certainly not least, accidentally saying shit in front of all your coworkers.

you know those mornings?

i do!

so i came home yesterday, after fighting my short dress and an ambush of wind gusts, and needed something to comfort me. since scotty works til 7 and i don't have OWN network, i turned to food. and not just any food, this food:

some warm homemade rolls accompanied by cheese & broccoli soup.
recipes found here and here.
i'd do maybe 1/4 or 1/3 cup of green pepper rather than 1/2.
a little overpowering. but still delicious.
to top it all off, fell asleep around 9 :)

now it's saturday and i get to spend the entire weekend with my beautiful family!
i'd say things are definitely turning around.

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  1. aw I'm sad you had a bad day. sounds rough. school sucks haha