it's a fish!

... is what my cute roommates would say.
somehow, shortening "it's official" to "it's a fish" is just way too much fun.
i know i'm a little late.
did you ever expect me to overcome my procrastination habits?
even as an adult/married woman?!
... yeah, me neither.
BUT, with that being said, i would like to announce something special:
as of last week, i am "officially" ashley marx.
anywhere and everywhere.
for time and all eternity!

so long, ashley barnes.
it was nice knowing ya.


  1. aw... i feel ya ashley.. I'm not a ballard anymore. I'm having an identity crisis this semester haha

  2. It took me 9 months to change mine. good times. :) sadie.

  3. And sadly, it looks like you have a Utah driver's lisence. I'm so very sorry. I will keep you in my prayers.