finding the inner hipster

last week, scotty and i deviated from our normal "come home, eat dinner, go to bed" nightly ritual and took a night out on the town. 

... p-town. 

one of scotty's favorite mission companions is in a band, so we went to muse music cafe to support him. it was almost out of my comfort zone... i usually don't like singers who aren't justin bieber. 
but... we LOVED it! the whole night was so fun!
it was very authentic; hand stamps and everything.
lots of sweat, loud music, crimped hair, and big glasses.  
unfortunately, no one informed us about the "plaid" dress code. we were the only ones who weren't sporting some plaid item of clothing. now we know for next time! 
something i found fascinating was a brick wall covered in sharpie. people signed their names and drew pictures. i couldn't stop looking at it! 
who knows how long these signatures have been here?!? it was so interesting to see the diverse ways people chose to leave their marks. one drew her name and a flower. some sandwiched a first name between two hearts. some professed their love for the world to see. others just drew a picture. some an indecipherable signature. everyone gets ONE chance to leave something noteworthy and significant that will permanently stay on this brick wall. 
what would you write? 
i'd probably go with a traditional 
"A + S = LOVE"
maybe in a heart.
on a tree.
or maybe one of my signature stick-figure portraits.
next time we'll bring plaid shirts and a sharpie. 

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