the final hurrah

another summer has come and gone.
it's hard to accept the fact that in 1 hour, it will be monday.
as if mondays aren't hard enough already, tomorrow is my first day of school
and the busiest day of work imaginable.

... "first day of school" is not as thrilling as it used to be.

awkwardly running into old friends,
seeing old makeout buddies,
being overwhelmed with homework,
trying to remember how you know people,
rolling your eyes at everyone else's excitement,
paying for tuition,
popping pills for the headaches,
having 0 hours of free time,
it's just not fun anymore.

so scotty & i tried to make the most of our last weekend of summer.

yesterday we had a beautiful night up at city creek and visited with my aunt cathi and uncle kris who were up from arizona. it was a blast! we laughed, gossiped, and ate until we couldn't move. (and then after we stuffed our stomachs full, we ordered a slice of cheesecake)
we love them and we are so glad we got to enjoy their company for a few hours!
today, we went to church. the usual.
then we came home and i whipped up a lovely fruit pizza to take to a little dinner date in provo.
we spent the whole night with our dear friends jen and tony castagno!
we love them!
i am so freaking happy they finally moved back to utah.
we mourned over school starting, we talked politics, we surfed pinterest, we ate, we watched half of a documentary on mitt romney, we talked books, we shared stories, and on top of all that, we almost beat two worlds on super mario brothers.
talk about a successful night! 
let's hope this week runs as smoothly as our weekend did, 
and that we'll survive the chaos! 
bring on the books. 

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