good gone bad.

life just doesn't make sense sometimes.
you think something is fine and going great, then BOOM. 
disaster hits.
and i get a little anxious when i'm not in control.

because let's be honest... i make great decisions sometimes.

what i'm trying to get to is this: if i ran the world, things would be so different. 

1. this freaking disaster of a haircut would not have happened.
listen miley, i know you "feel so free" and "have never been this happy" and "feel the prettiest ever" ... but that's a shame, because 7 billion other people in the world disagree and think that you look like draco malfoy... but uglier.

 2. this freaking disaster of a song would not have happened.
taylor, taylor, taylor. what in the world is going on? i feel weird listening to this song. in fact, i even feel weird calling these few minutes of you talking and whining a "song." the awkward little voice inserts are too much for me. go back to where you came from and sing the cute, upbeat, happy songs again.

3. this freaking disaster of a pin would not have happened.
straight up ruined my day. 
how cute is this backpack? 

... right? so i ecstatically click on it with the intention to buy it. talk about a perfect way to cope with summer coming to an end! what could get me more excited about school starting than this darling backpack? so i click on the link. it's a dud. i hate when people pin from tumblr or, even worse, just upload a random picture. i have no way of backtracking it! i investigated for a few minutes, and found some that were close but just not the same. i also found one extremely close, a darker color, that is no longer in stock. awesome. 
thanks for letting me vent. 
can i be in charge for a week or two? 


  1. not gonna lie...listening to that taylor swift song after a bad break up couldnt be better. hahah, i LOVE i!!