dimpled & famous

one of my dreams in life is to be followed or retweeted by a celebrity. 
yes, it's really that important to me. 
i try to talk to them all the time and i never get a response.
oprah winfrey, justin bieber, miley cyrus, and sometimes even ann romney. 
none of them give me the time of day and it's really depressing. 

the most exciting thing on my newsfeed is being followed by a dimpled chin account: 
how they found me, i have no idea. 
but i guess my chin is pretty prominent in all of my pictures... 
at least someone appreciates me!

next up in excitement is a clipping from this week's BYU newspaper:
every week, they have a segment with byu-related tweets.
my memory problems are classified as "entertainment" now!

i guess it has to start out small with newspapers and random followers,
soon the time will come where my celebrities recognize me.

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