3 quick finals week treats

let's be honest... sweets are like the #1 motivator in my life.

what would you do for a klondike bar? anything.
break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar? no. mine.
need a moment? i need 5 moments if they each come a twix.

similar to buddy the elf, candy is one of my main food groups, and during finals week my sugar levels spike to an all-time high. the stresses of studying and the comfort of sugar balance each other out, and as a result i am a perfectly calm and content student. while studying for finals, i only allow myself a few short breaks. during those breaks, i don't have enough time to whip up a whole batch of cookies or bake a dozen cupcakes. i can't allow myself to go to the store, because i'll never come back. i need a quick, easy recipe with ingredients i already have in my cupboards. i stick to one of these three simple (yet delectable) sugary sweet treats:

1. smores for one
ingredients: 2 graham crackers, 2 marshmallows, 2 hershey kisses
total time: 3 minutes
directions: place crackers on pan. place marshmallows on crackers. broil in oven for exactly 138 seconds. top with a kiss. get back to work!
2. improv reeses
ingredients: 1 spoonful of peanut butter, 1 small handful of chocolate chips
total time: 30 seconds
directions: see photo
3. heaven on earth
ingredients: BYU bookstore dark chocolate sea salt caramels
total time: varies depending on how carefully or carelessly you choose your hiding places
directions: when all else fails, turn to your secret stash of these babies. nothing is better. i promise.
happy finals week, and good luck! 
p.s. the post-finals diet starts on thursday


  1. This is like the cutest thing ever!

  2. that's when my diet starts too! haha

  3. Grandma used to send me finals week survival kits. Complete with lots of treats, easy dinners (i.e. ramen noodles), and scripture quotes. I miss her :(...

    1. That's so sweet of Grandma! I miss her too!

    2. she is definitely missed. that was so thoughtful of her!

  4. those all look yummy!! BTW I LOVE your new blog name! I so wish i had a last name that i could make a cute blog name out of haha. but porter? nope. the only thing i can think of is "port-er potty" and that's not my style of a blog name lol

    1. HAHA that is great! i'd still follow you if your blog name was porter potty :) thanks girl!

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