life lately

currently i am ...

+ laughing hysterically at this commercial. dying. just watch it. i love it. 
+ prepping for finals. my last day is the 24th!
+ emotionally prepping for spring semester, which starts the 29th. boo. 
+ sick of friends posting pet pictures on instagram and facebook. your animal looks the exact same every single day! 
+ still so in love with my scotty. i may be biased, but i think he deserves some kind of husband award.
+ feeling like a noob because after my math teacher collected some data, we discovered i go to bed the earliest out of everyone. 
+ listening to justin timberlake's album and the pitch perfect soundtrack. i rotate every other day. 
+ taking a multivitamin each morning because it makes me feel like a responsible adult. ("it" being the pill-taking, not the actual pill) 
+ dreaming of traveling. scotty and i want to go to new york next year. 
+ planning my future classroom. i can't freaking wait! i won't be offended if you unfollow my pinterest teaching board; i realize it's getting a little out of hand. 
+ adding middle names to all of the baby names we have picked out (just so i'm ready in six years when we have a baby).
+ so so so so SO white. you can bet the second i'm done with finals, i'll be laying out by the pool.
+ wearing this shirt every day of my life. it's so pretty, i couldn't possibly want to wear anything else my closet has to offer.
what have you all (my lovely followers) been up to lately?


  1. Seriously that is the funniest commercial ever!

  2. I'm really glad I don't have a pet! ;) Hope you don't mind future baby pictures or my preggoprobs hashtag :)

    1. are you kidding! i can't wait to see your beautiful baby's pictures!!! totally different :)

    2. Oh how relieving :) because I'm already a little bit obsessed with pictures and I have a feeling I'll be a little obsessed with my baby as well... so it will definitely be an #instabomb. Also, your blog always makes me happy.

  3. you look beautiful in this picture. also, i loved like all of those. especially about the teaching board on pinterest. i have been going overboard too haha...over...BOARD.... pun! get it? hahahaha

    1. HAHAHA i didn't even realize the pun! we are going to be the best teachers because of all the quality pins we've pinned.

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