before and after

i have a confession.
i am OBSESSED with before and after pictures!
every day i scroll through my pinterest feed, waiting to be fascinated by a set of before and after pictures. i don't care if it's of a kitchen remodel, a makeover, the progression of a pregnant belly, a paint job, a family photo recreated, a haircut, a plant growing, a dramatic weight loss, an edited photo, or even an eyebrow wax... i am totally mesmerized. i seriously could stare at them all day long.
the madness is carrying into my personal life, so i find myself creating before and after pictures quite frequently. i guess you could call it a hobby. here are a few of my favorites. 

before and after a trip to the hair salon:
before and after 21 years:
(age has treated us well!) 
 before and after 15+ years: 
before and after my morning makeup routine: 
and last but not least, before and after my latest home makeover. after a tai pan trip with my aunt cathi, scotty and i realized we need some greenery in our apartment. we needed something to bring our place to life. we've been looking all over for fake or real plants, and i was SUPER excited when i found these little guys at ikea:
 definitely more homey and eye-appealing than the stupid candle, vase, and candy bowl we displayed previously. 
aren't before and after pictures fun?!?

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  1. Those are fun! You probably could have found a better before picture of me. : )