life as mrs. marx

there is no better way to say this other than to quote my dear friend erika: "the kids think i'm a teacher." they really do! i feel like a little insignificant guppy in the sea of educators, and yet the students think the world of me. it's the best feeling ever. i'm slowly getting a glimpse of what life is like as a real elementary school teacher, and i am happy to report that i am so freaking excited.  i can't wait to have a classroom of my own! 

here are a few sneak peeks i've had at teacher life: 

things to hang on my fridge 
(excuse the capital letter g. i hate myself every day because of it.)
 a new pre-bedtime reading routine
weird habits 
instead of saying "my apartment," "my room," or "my home," often times i say "my classroom" on accident. 
i constantly find myself humming tunes like little bunny foo foo or the days of the week song.
sometimes i feel the need to verbally sound out words before i read them (real example: "bl-o-g-g-er ... blogger")
whenever i see a kid, i try to guess what grade he/she is in. (and whenever i see a kid outside during school hours, i feel morally obligated to ask them why they aren't at school and what they are doing.)
i feel the need to repeat everything i say, just to ensure people understand. 
love notes up the ying yang 
hearing funny quotes
"did you know if you touch something black you'll die?"
"mrs. marx, how come you never wear socks?"
"one time, i was eating popcorn really fast and it was so good but then i bit my finger and it hurt sooo bad" 
*student walks up to me* "what sword do you think is the strongest?" "what?" "i bet it's a wooden sword. because wood is pretty weak and it can break easily." *walks away*
"man, this [mechanical pencil] was such a waste of a perfectly good quarter!" 
"you sound just like my mom right now."
kid 1: "did you know that when we eat chicken, someone cut off that chickens head?" kid 2: "NO! they can't do that! that's against mother nature!!!" 
"i wish i could marry my scissors."
"are those crystals on your necklace real?" (on my pink bubble necklace) "no." "oh. they look so real."
"i think my eye is drying out" 
*looking at a peer's drawing of a leprechaun* "that seriously looks like real life. i can't tell if it's a real picture or not."
"have you ever tried putting mustard on an orange?"
"mrs. marx, do you want to know what i'm going to do when i get home? eat five pieces of bread, and go to sleep."
"this skittle tastes like cornbread."
"one day i'll have lots of gold."
i love first grade.  the students are so inspiring. they love to sing. they love to dance. they jump at any opportunity to help others. they are so smart. they are excited about everything, and find joy in the smallest little insignificant things. for example, if we're reading a story about someone named sam, their whole day is completely made because they know someone named sam. while they may not be able to open their own water bottles, these kids have the ability to melt my heart. i love having the opportunity to help them grow and to teach them new things. i am a happier person because of them.


  1. ah this is so cute and sounds so fun! i cant wait to be in my classroom next fall. ps lets hang out soon. yes?

  2. Hey teacher... I should be capitalized! I am so excited for you to take on this exciting adventure. You will love every second. Even the seconds that suck, they still be worth it. I miss being a teacher. Funny I do the same things you stated at the beginning of your post. Even still.

  3. bless your heart. i hate teaching elementary school. dislike every thing about it.. now high school - that's way fun!