awful waffles

lately the husband and i have been on a semi-obsessive waffle craze. waffle trips are our new saturday morning tradition. i wish i could say we're connoisseurs by now, but ever since we tried bruges waffles, we haven't been able to stop. it's divine! my mouth is watering at the very thought. 
anyway, tonight we thought we could recreate the magic. 
enjoy a calm, low-key, breakfast-for-dinner ensemble. 
relax after a long and stressful monday. 
what could be simpler than making batter, and then pouring said batter into a waffle maker? 
the machine pretty much does the job for you, right? 
it started out great. the batter was absolutely delectable. like, eat-a-spoonful-at-a-time delectable (and if you are going to judge me for eating raw batter, i ban you from my blog!). but delicious batter was the extent of our cooking successes tonight. everything else was kind of a disaster.
lessons learned: 
1. don't underestimate the simple things. 
2. have a backup plan. 
3. don't betray bruges waffles ever again. 


  1. Your batter looks way too thin! try a new recipe.

  2. You forgot to spray the waffle maker and you put too much batter in the waffle maker. And diddo to your mom's comment.