do you hear the people sing?

would you judge me if i told you i've been sitting in this exact spot on my couch for almost five hours? my sweet husband picked me up from school with a gallon of orange juice and les mis in hand. so this is what our friday night looks like: 
(we like to push our couches together to make one extra large super couch)
although i know my pathetic words won't do justice describing this cinematic work of art, let me say that i feel so inspired as i journey with valjean throughout the film. i am humbled, i am heartbroken, i am filled with love and faith. my heart is touched by the immediate and passionate love between marius and cossett. les mis motivates me to be a better person, to love with my whole heart, and to show compassion to everyone around me. personally, i choose to label the 2.5 hours as more of a spiritual experience rather than a casual movie watching. i am already excited to watch it and be enlightened again. and again. and again. thanks, husband.

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  1. i bought it yesterday too. and i cried just as hard as i did when i first saw it. it is incredible