a new name

three and a half years ago, when i started this blog, i thought my title was pure genius: "a little bit of this, a little bit of ash." although i am not an obsessed michelle branch fan, i thought this little modified phrase from her song was so perfect. i was blogging about everything. a little bit of music, a little bit of movies, ideas, crafts, school happenings, pop culture, and a little bit of me. anything and everything that i found noteworthy. i started blogging to keep my family updated on my exciting college life while beginning my freshman year at BYU.  i quickly grew a strong preference to blogging over journaling or scrapbooking. an electronic copy of my experiences would surely last longer than the delicate paper pages of a book.  no glue, no ink, no scissors. blogging can be just as creative and eye-appealing without the hassle! and i can type much faster than i write. the whole thing seemed like a win-win-win all around.

so much has happened since fall of 2009 when i started this blog. i'm almost graduated, my skin is approximately 20 shades whiter, i'm married to the love of my life, i've matured, and i have a whole new set of hobbies and interests. i'm a completely different person! i love where i am in life right now and all i've accomplished. i want to keep progressing and learning! scotty and i want to be successful, reach our goals, and to do good in the world... or in other words, "make our marks." though the title may not be as cute as "a little bit of this, a little bit of ash," it is definitely more goal-oriented and long-term. and i wanted a title that included my cute husband somehow :)
so here's to being married, achieving, learning and progessing, and making our marks.