a weekend of mothers

how random is the fact that my mom and scotty's mom both planned trips to utah on the very same weekend? i'm still dying haha. so random. my mom came up on wednesday to attend a scrapbooking convention thursday-friday, and kim came up friday-sunday for some harp workshops and a concert! 
highlights with al-dog:
visiting angela & baby eva
shopping all afternoon
drooling in anthropologie 
eating at sixth & pine in nordstrom
(and later at coldstone with scotty) 
catching up & telling stories 
highlights with kim: 
eating a delicious breakfast (compliments of scotty) 
being showered with gifts
shopping downtown 
eating at olive garden 
designing our future homes in restoration hardware
discussing business ideas and political issues 
scotty and i are so blessed to have these two beautiful, selfless, fun women as our mothers. 
we love you! thanks for visiting!!! 

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  1. no one was supposed to know that we went to coldstone... remember? It was great to see you both! Love you!