i love the internet

happy wednesdizzle my peeps. how u be?
oh, i'm sorry...
it seems like my new favorite website is rubbing off on me.

have you been on gizoogle.net?
i just spent the last 10 minutes wiping tears off my face.
this site might be the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

it lets you search anything (similar to the original google), but the results are translated into gangster language. seriously. look up any site through gizoogle.net, and watch the magic happen. this has the potential to provide me with hours upon hours of entertainment.

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i'm dying.
peace up.

(and while we're on the topic of gangsters, please enjoy these photos of kristine and myself dressed up for halloween. maybe like... 2006? 2007? favorite costume ever.)
straight up.

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  1. oh my gosh...that was the greatest site everrrrr!!! i am dying!