you look better with the lights off

sometimes i find songs that are perfectly fitting and relevant to real life experiences. for example:
hearing your alarm clock go off = don't wake me up by chris brown
going on my second date with scotty = fallin' for you by colbie caillat
some girl from vegas claims she went to your "my world" tour and now has your baby and is filing a lawsuit and making you take a DNA test = maria by justin bieber (p.s. what ever happened with that?)
buying a lamp shade at target = better with the lights off by new boyz
... let me explain.
scotty and i were making our weekly target trip on thursday night, minding our own business, when suddenly my eyes were blinded by the beauty of this lamp shade:
i was almost in tears because i've never seen anything so perfect and pretty.
it was like the only three things in the store were me, scotty, and the shade. a complete and happy little family.
i love the pattern and i especially love the color.
i love the bold contrast between the white and mustard.
what a statement piece - i needed it.
i was planning on getting down on my knees and begging, but before i could do so the husband said we should probably get it :) wahoo! everything was falling perfectly into place. i knew this was meant to be. we ran home and we couldn't put the new piece on our lamp fast enough; i was so excited. as my handy man finished, i stared in awe. it was so lovely. there was not an ounce of regret from my impulse purchase. surely this would become a family heirloom. something my kids would fight over when i die. it was a beautiful sight to see. and then... something happened.
i said to scotty, "turn it on!!!" and the magic was ruined. as the light shone through the shade, the white turned to a dirty yellow and the mustard turned to gold. the contrast was gone, and my heart crumbled to pieces.

to quote the wise words of new boyz, some things (in their case, women) look better with the lights off.

you're a dime, so beautiful. top of the line, so unusual. words can't define. running through my mind all day. i'm so happy you're mine ... i hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you look better with the lights off.

so do i keep it? if the purpose of a lamp is to give light, but i only like its shade when it's not giving light, does that make me crazy? what's a girl to do?


  1. You are nuts... and that song is dirty. :)

    But I do love the lamp shade. I want this color in my bedroom. I just bought a pillow similar to that and I am accenting it with a navy bedspread. (Or vice versa)
    I love the lamp shade! Lights on and off.

  2. I love it too. I like it on or off!

  3. You're so funny your blog is great. I love the lamp shade, you should totally keep it:)

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