DIY frame wall

scotty and i have been itching to do a little DIY project these past few weeks. it's hard when you're renting an apartment and you can't paint walls or cabinets or do anything exciting. today we teamed up with pinterest to fill that craving in our lives and re-decorated our living room wall! after receiving inspiration from this pin, this pin, this pin, and this pin, we made the magic happen. here are the 4 best picture-hanging pinterest tips we found. 

tip 1: arrange pictures on floor to find best layout.
tip 2: tape a border to know what area you're working with.
tip 3: work from corners inward. 
tip 4: dab a little toothpaste on the back of the frame, and then press it up against the wall where you want it. you know exactly where the nail should go! 
the final product:
we love it!