the avengers

despite what scotty's facial expression suggests in the following picture, he was SO excited to see the avengers.  he had been looking forward to it for the longest time. i have been constantly reminded over the past few months that "we WILL be seeing the avengers on opening day." okay, then. 

so we went on friday night. and let me just say, i normally don't appreciate action/adventure movies. i want either something funny, or something romantic. typical girl. so i just shrugged my shoulders and followed my skipping-with-joy husband into the theater. not really comprehending what all the hype was about. 

that is... after we got a mr. pibb at this awesome pop machine! have you ever seen anything like this? we hadn't haha. touch screen! i love technology. 

and i LOVED the movie! we both thought it was amazing. i was entertained the whole time haha. scotty says it is the best movie he has ever seen.  i thought it was very well done. it was funny, it was never slow or boring, it was witty, it was exciting!! i loved the whole cast... 
but if i mean, if you want to know my favorite, it's captain america. hands down. he is so cute!! for one thing, he has like an 8-pack. muscles on his muscles. i left a big pile of drool on the theater floor. 
he was so respectful and honest and goodhearted. he was the best all-around guy. personality, looks, hair, ABS! i mean really, look at this guy:  
mmm. scotty's fave is iron man. he loves the wealthy business man/super hero combo.
overall, it was a great movie.  the second we got home, scotty asked if we could go again haha. i don't think i've ever seen a movie twice in the theater. it's just not worth the money to me. i can't justify $40 for going to the same movie twice. stupid. but that being said, we're going again on wednesday haha. 

it's that good! 


  1. hahah this sounds like Jordan..however, I did not like it as much as you but have agreed to see it again in the dollar theater :)

  2. well i guess i know what we're doing for fhe? the pictures of captain america convinced me ;) you guys are the cutest ash!