i've never been a fan of the "maxi dress." 
i used to laugh at those who wore them. 

i always felt like the requirements for wearing a maxi dress are either to have the most banging body of all time 
 or to have a baby growing in your womb. 

however, with every rule there is an exception. 
if neither of those describe you, you can just buy a really loose one that drowns your figure entirely. 

*disclaimer: all of these pictures were found on pinterest haha*
the fourth rule i assumed of the maxi dress is that the fabric is either a single solid color, or the ugliest pattern possible. like a puke-in-my-mouth kind of ugly. 
see what i mean? and since i have lived my life thus far not having a banging body, nor a baby in my womb, nor desiring to drown myself in an ugly-oversized dress, i have opted to not wear the maxi dress. ever. EVER.

it's funny how people change and opinions change. 

all it took was one glance at this maxi dress on nordstrom.com (that i felt broke all of the rules) and i transformed into a maxi-dress believer. 
(and after i accomplished my goal of cooking dinner five nights in a row, 
who wouldn't think i deserve a reward?!) 
what do you think? 


  1. You WIN!! I love all the things! Teach me how to shop! I want to be just like you! :)

  2. oh my gosh! a maxi dress with sleeves?! I want one!

  3. Adorable. I totally am going to get one. Maxi dresses=the most comfortable thing ever. I need that one with sleeves!

  4. i love it! i totally felt the same way about maxi dresses but i caved and bought one a couple weeks ago and I'm obsessed with it now!