when life hands you lemons

have you ever quit the master cleanse halfway through? 
leaving you with two almost-full bags of lemons that you have no idea what to do with? 
i mean, really. what are you supposed to do with two bags of lemons? 
do they go bad? should i juice them all and can it for later? 
i've never made lemonade from real lemons before?! 
thinking about squeezing a half lemon on my dinner every once in a while made the end of these lemons seem eternities away. 

my cute husband knew exactly what to do. 

apparently in brazil they use limes. 
scotty peeled the lemons and plopped them into our blender with water a pinch of sugar*. 
he's a keeper!
i had my doubts about the taste of his concoction, but honestly it was great. 
tasted delicious! 

*maybe a few cups

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