PIC with NICk and emily

haha... PIC with NICk and emily. see what i did there?

we have had the pleasure of hosting nick and emily- our CRUISE friends!- for the past three days. click here to see the blog post about our cruise. scotty and i adore them. who would have thought that this couple we randomly found on our honeymoon would turn out to be some of our dearest friends? they live in st george, so we don't get to see them all the time. we still text, facebook, and facetime with each other... but sometimes that's just not enough.

we seriously had the most relaxing day ever. it was a perfect post-wedding day for both couples.

what could be more fun than a picnic in the park with $25 worth of taco bell? 

we learned that our friends have a weird obsession with mild & fire sauce. 
... like a packet-on-each-bite kind of obsession. 
the boys played catch and the girls watched while overusing their pinterest apps and sharing stories. 

 we took a couples nap. i love my husband so much. 
if this doesn't sound perfect to you, let me add one more thing: 
baby ducks. 

perfect, perfect day. 

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