¡cinco de mayo!

last week, my coworker and i were helping an international student in our office. she was from mexico! as we were making small talk with her, my coworker asked, "so what are you doing for cinco de mayo?" and she responded with laughter. "why do americans celebrate cinco de mayo? we don't even celebrate it in mexico." ... what?! really? i couldn't believe it haha! i always thought it was a big deal. she said, "americans just like an excuse to celebrate."

and i realized that yes, yes we do.
i don't know what cinco de mayo represents or why it is even a "holiday," but we celebrated because we could! and we celebrated the best way i know how...

cafe rio!

can i tell you my five favorite things about cafe rio? 
(five in honor of cinco de mayo)
1. the heavenly house dressing
2. the perfectly soft tortillas 
3. the mints and the dr pepper w/ the little balls of ice 
4. everything else
5. one meal = TWO MEALS! 
¡ay ay ay! ¡we should celebrate the cinco of every month! 

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  1. I love you and I love that you love Cafe Rio's love. Can we have a lunch date when I get home here please?! I miss you and this food... mmm! :)