celtics vs. jazz game

scotty's mom made his wildest dreams come true this past christmas when she bought him tickets to the jazz vs. celtics game. seriously. he was practically jumping for joy haha! but i mean, what kind of mother could resist buying her son tickets after receiving a note such as the following?
HAHAHA! he kills me. so monday night was the big night! we had so much fun! scotty was in heaven. they ended up going into overtime and the celtics won by 3! it was an intense game! 
 here are some other snippets from our night: 
-the couple sitting directly behind us got engaged! we were right there in the middle of the action. 
the cheerleaders walked up from the court with a bouquet of flowers for the girl.
-"justin bieber has been in this very arena"
-seeing a celtics player named chris wilcox and thinking of our singles ward bishop chris wilcox. 
we miss you, bishop!  
-paying $12 for ice cream and a soft pretzel
-"the smell of beer makes me homesick" 
-scotty losing his voice
-wearing the only two green things we own
-taking trax so we weren't stuck in traffic (best idea ever)
-"i'm asking for basketball tickets every christmas!"

thanks ron and kim for the gift! 


  1. Sounds like a blast! My husband loves any sports games too. We love REAL and the JAZZ!

  2. how fun! we love going to jazz games! ps; did you guys have rodizio de pizza when you went to the sweet spot? I looked online and it says it has it every friday night. We would LOVE to go!! What did you eat when you went there? Goshh I wanna go soo bad!