playing with fire

remember my new year's resolutions? i sure do. out of the 10 goals i made, 6 are still going strong. haha. it could be worse, right? one of my goals for the year was to give up soda. i thought that particular goal would be the hardest one (by far), but i haven't even had a sip! i am really, really proud of myself.  i'm also a little disturbed by the fact that i violated the "no ditching class" goal before the "no drinking soda" one. whoops. 
last night was a test of my dedication. i went to sonic for the first time this year. my throat was killing, and i just needed something to soothe it. i pulled up to the familiar drive in and remembered how delicious a tall, chilled, route 44 dr pepper from sonic was and considered ending my little soda fasting session. but i am here today to tell you that i stood strong and held my ground! i even checked the sonic website to make sure the slush i ordered didn't have sprite in it. 
i drove away with no soda. yes- sugar and empty calories. but no soda. is it sad that this might be one of my proudest moments? i just want all of you to know that if i can go an entire month without drinking soda, you can do anything. all you need to do is believe. 

... speaking of believe 
just go listen. "as long as you love me" and "be alright" are exceptional. pretty sure a combination of drinking my orange slush, listening to this album and singing along cured my sore throat. 

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