THAT couple

ever since i was a little girl, i've always admired those old, madly-in-love couples. 
you know the kind. 
the ones who finish each others sentences.
who still have twinkles in their eyes when they see each other. 
who can perfectly order for each other at a restaurant. 
they're wrinkly and grey, but they are still so passionate about making the other person happy. 
who have hundreds upon hundreds of memories and inside jokes. 
i've always dreamt of having that history of love.
and i will. but right now, our relationship tree is just a fuzzy little stub popping out of the ground. it grows taller and stronger each day. i'm still learning new things about scotty. he's still trying to understand the emotional side of women. i'm becoming more open to learning about sports and cars. he's becoming quite the shopper :) i can't predict what he'll order at a restaurant, and he doesn't know what size shoe i wear. even after a year of marriage, i feel like our relationship is still so new and tender. i love growing with him and living our lives together. i love spending every day with him. and i loved friday night, when a few things happened that made me realize maybe that old-couple love isn't so far away, afterall.

1. we had a real conversation without speaking.
there we were, sitting at zupas for our friday night date. raving (again) about the deliciousness of the wisconsin cauliflower soup and trying to judge which of our two strawberries was covered in the most chocolate.
suddenly, a familiar song came on the radio. 
i looked at him, and he looked at me. 
i gave him a look, and he gave me another look. 
i gave him a look that confirmed i knew what his look was referring to.
we knew exactly what was going on.
then we both smiled because our silent discourse was a success. 
(and then i practically inhaled the rest of my soup because it is so divine!)

2. i still get butterflies.
after zupas, we headed over to the temple and did an endowment session with our ward.
it brought some much-needed peace back into my life. and while i was sitting there, i glanced over at scotty. i had this feeling of happiness fill my whole body because i know we are going to spend eternity together. as stupid as it may sound, my stomach did a little somersault because i was so excited at the thought.

3. we thought the same exact thing at the same exact time.
once we got home, we were suffering from post-temple dehydration. no water or drinks for 2.5 hours?! i was dying. i gulped down a whole water bottle, while scotty raided the cupboards for a package of koolaid. he searched and searched, then realized he had went through his last packet a few days ago. he asked how such a thing could possibly happen. i advised him to put koolaid down on the grocery list. he told me "koolaid shouldn't have to be on the list - we should just buy it every time!" haha. suddenly i needed to go to the bathroom. i left him writing on the grocery list to go take care of business.

while in the bathroom, i had a great idea. i ran back to the kitchen and said, "scotty! you should just write koolaid on every single page of our grocery list pad!" he looked up with a smirk and said "that's what i just did!" and then i thought to myself, wow. we are becoming THAT couple. 

here's to growing old together.