friday facts

1. tuesdays and thursdays are stupid because on those two special days i have classes until 9:30 PM.
2. sometimes i come home and i'm real grumpy. 
3. you would be grumpy too if you spent 12+ hours on campus and didn't get home until after 10. 
4. my husband is nice. 
5. he knows how to make me not so grumpy. 
6. a little late night snack & snuggle session can turn any frown upside down.
7. ramen is my happy go-to snack.
8. if you're looking for a health blog... go somewhere else.
9. he's a keeper.
10. i'm so incredibly happy it's the weekend!


  1. 11. you are really pretty AND photogenic!!

  2. HOW did you get your blog to look so cute? I've been stressing over my blog for like 2 months trying to find a cute set up. Yours is just wayyyyy too cute!