valentine's day 2013

we had a wonderful valentine's day this year. and by "valentine's day," i really mean february 15th. because on the actual holiday, i had class until 9:30. YES, 9:30. normally, this wouldn't be a big deal because i would just leave, but this particular class has QUITE the attendance policy. if i miss two classes, i fail. simple as that. so i wasn't taking any chances. we were fine waiting a day to celebrate. 
i'm so lucky to have this cute man in my life! i love spending time with him and laughing with him. wherever we go, he makes it fun. scotty is perfect for me. and i'm glad he appreciates a good, expensive meal like i do haha. we made breakfast, exchanged cards, baked, ate candy, went out to dinner, shopped around the mall, and then we counted down the minutes until we could see the newest and cutest addition to my side of the family. 
sweet little eva entered the world on valentines day. i am obsessed with her. we already have a connection because of the whole holiday-birthday thing. i am so happy for my cousin angela! 
i hope all of you enjoyed your valentine's day as well! 

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